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A long term service delivery partner you can rely on

DACPros provides a full lifecycle service for your data centre hardware. From building and deploying new systems, maintenance and troubleshooting, decommissioning and recycling – our experts can assist on-site or remotely. We are your strategic partner of choice for maintaining service availability and maximising return on hardware investment.

CDN, edge computing & hosting service providers
Data centre & colocation providers
IT resellers, vendors, & channel partners


Smart Hands Service

Our experts are on hand 24/7/365 to service your infrastructure, acting as an extension of your IT department.

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Build and Deployment

Expert hardware and network infrastructure installation services. From racking and stacking to OS installation and data cabling.

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Hardware Maintenance

Ensure your infrastructure is running optimally with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption with regular pre-scheduled on-site attendance carried out by our qualified engineers.

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Project Management

Expert support for any part of your hardware journey. Reduce communication errors, eliminate delays and boost productivity with our tech-savvy project managers.

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Save on an unwelcome drain of your team’s time whilst our highly trained engineers. We help carefully un-rack hardware, before packing and returning it to the warehouse or location of your choice.

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With our fully customisable service, ensure a professional, environmentally friendly, and secure recycling of your redundant hardware.

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Moving Infrastructure

Our technicians develop an appropriate plan with your technical team to ensure minimal disruption during your relocation, whether you need to move a single server or an entire rack with everything fully insured.

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Return any faulty parts promptly and secure your compensation.

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White Label IT Services

Use our knowledge and expertise to delight your customers. Under our white label IT service, you can send our IT engineers to the site under your brand name.

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Is your equipment out of warranty or not supported by the manufacturer any longer? Enjoy our hands-on and efficient OEM, EOL, and EOSL support.

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We can also help with:

• Racking and stacking
• Data cabling
• OTDR testing
• Providing visual and written documentation
upon completion
• Provide access to switches & routers for remote config
• On-site implementation
(international capabilities)
• Order consolidation
• Receiving and unpacking
• Inventory check and serial number recording
• Custom assembly and rack mounting
• Custom power failover testing

• Power and cooling
• Custom pre-installation
• Hardware validation
• System updates
• Full diagnostic
• Software loads
• Quality assurance inspection
• Asset tagging/labelling
• Power/network/intra-cabinet cabling
• Final confirmation (digital photo QA)
• Customised delivery date and
  deployment coordination

Get in touch. Our team is here to help you with your queries.

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