Racking servers, storage or network hardware may sound straightforward, but there are finer aspects that affect the quality and reliability of these tasks. Every data centre varies in the type of facilities, size, and some of them are a logistical nightmare.

DACPros takes care to the entire process, starting from when the equipment arrives at the data centre. We assess the data centre well in advance and adjust the task timelines and number of people accordingly, to cope with the local challenges.

We unpack everything and move the equipment to the data hall or temporary storage area. We work from a pre-prepared rack plan that details exactly where we need to rack every specific item of equipment.

We then do all cabling and cross connection for network devices. We organise console access for your network devices which ensures your team will be able to configure everything remotely. 

We are happy to assist in configuring server iLOM or even carry out installation of OS. We can also add line cards to routers or firewalls. As a bespoke service, our engineers also handle non-standard devices, if you are able to provide the full manual for the device..

We remove any worry about the large volume of packing materials as we collect and recycle everything, leaving the data centre in the way we found it.




Decommissioning equipment can be a headache and unwelcome drain on your team’s time. DACPros helps customers by carefully removing, packing and returning the equipment to the warehouse or location of your choice.

Whether full or partial decommissioning, our technicians follow a rigorous procedure to make sure they steer clear of any live equipment.

Our rigorous training ensures our staff always check the link status on equipment and do not to continue the job if, for example, it appears a network device is still in active use. In each case, we will seek confirmation from the client.

Our services even extend to helping you find the appropriate packing materials – anything to help reduce headache and admin on your side.


Whether you need to move a single server or entire racks, DACPros is here to help. Our technicians identify and label all equipment according to the rack plan before carefully removing all cables and equipment from the racks and packaging them securely. Everything is fully insured during transport. We only use highly protective materials and equipment. In the new DC, our technicians re-assemble everything according to the approved plan.

We have fulfilled several projects that required equipment to be moved while in active use. This required adherence to very strict timelines.  Our project managers create an appropriate plan with your technical team to ensure relocation causes the minimal amount of downtime.


Our team takes care of your server hardware in the data centre. Regardless of whether your site is small and only require occasional visits, or you have multiple sites across different cities, DACPros has the right Service Level Agreement (SLA) for you. Our technicians are happy to use your existing ticketing system or you can use ours. We are flexible to fit in with your processes and preferences.

DACPros offers 24x7x365 emergency maintenance coverage. Get in touch or call us on +44 (0)330 088 1226 to discuss your requirements.

We cover all aspect of continuous data centre operations, including:

  • Receiving and Sending replacement parts via courier services
  • Disk/memory replacement
  • Installing peripheral cards
  • Replacement of server or network devices
  • Installing, moving, decommissioning your IT infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting


Extended Arm (Remote Hands)

For specialist IT services beyond racking standard equipment, DACPros offers advanced services, also known as Remote Hands.

Our team of Technicians and Engineers come with extensive IT Certifications and many years of IT experience.

Think of the DACPros team as an extension of your own IT department.  Our highly trained and qualified technicians are certified to handle any requests, big or small.  You can trust that your equipment will be treated like our own. No matter the time of day, our experienced technicians are available to service your infrastructure and ensure that it performs at full capacity, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your mission-critical systems will always be accessible and secure.



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