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Would you like to learn about the secrets of successful network infrastructure build? 

Download our popular easy to understand handbook about IT infrastructure built in data centres. It is based on our real-life experience from hundreds of projects we have delivered over the years. 

Smart Hands Essentials series

Reduce Staffing Costs

Hiring new staff is a costly and time-consuming exercise but with the Smart Hands service, it’s never been easier to hire new staff and keep your data centre systems running efficiently.

Storage Strategy

Businesses are being forced to increase their storage capacity as Big Data projects become mission critical. Our Smart Hands vendors have the solutions to ensure you’re never short-handed and equipped to cope with problems as they occur.

Remote vs Smart

Discover the differences between our Smart Hands and Remote Hands services to find the best fit for your business strategy and IT function.

Success story

When a major global Content Delivery Network provider needed to migrate its IT infrastructure, DACPros stepped in to help. Find out how we successfully delivered and completed the re-installation in just 2 days.

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