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Who are DACPros?



DACPros short story:

DACPros started as a typical small business. Tamas, the founder, began work in this field fulfilling a part-time job in 2016. As he learned, Tamas quickly identified how hardware support could be done differently and set about making improvements for his customers. This was the beginning of a continuing mission to set a gold standard for IT infrastructure best practices in an increasingly connected world.

Word spread about the quality of the results being realised, bringing in more work. And so, Data Centre Professionals Ltd. (aka DACPros) was registered on 27 January 2017 and the first employees were hired. DACPros has continued to grow ever since.

DACPros remains a small, highly specialised company. This allows our people to think outside the box, developing inventive solutions for our clients that deliver value long into the future. Our smaller size is a strength, allowing our team to provide the same personalised service that first began attracting customers more than half a decade ago.

Meet our people:

Tamas Szarka

Managing Director

Tamas founded DACPros with his extensive knowledge of IT network infrastructure management and system administration. He oversees the technical tasks and operations, making sure DACPros continuously delivers over and beyond.

Kristian Bimbo

Commercial Director

Kristian has an engineering background and many years of commercial experience. He is now responsible for sales, marketing, and business processes.

Mineshkumar Patel

Team leader

Working in hands-on roles for many years, Mineshkumar has built an enviable reputation for technical expertise. He is the team and project leader for the DACPros West London team.

Mihaly Zsigo

Team leader

Mihaly is a senior hardware engineer who has acquired vast knowledge and experience working with our customers. He is the team and project leader for the DACPros East London team.

Brand Values

Our brand values are at the core of everything we do. They are the standards we set for our services and the vital principles that we stand for.

People focused

Our people are your competitive advantage. Our sector-unique employee training programmes and industry-leading processes are something you will witness with every representative of DACpros. As a people-first culture, we encourage our employees to think outside the box and challenge different ways of working with intuition and the right mindset.

Dynamic Thinkers

All actions have consequences – big and small. Sometimes, providing a quick and straightforward solution in the now isn’t enough. Our forward-thinking decision-making process ensures we evaluate how every step affects the future. Every detail matters to us, from designing future proof labelling systems to managing the full hardware lifecycle


We pride ourselves on building positive working relationships with our customers. We are open, from our processes to our ambitions as a business. We are not afraid to admit mistakes or challenge you on better ways of working. Taking the time to understand your business requirements and implement solutions based on our years of practical experience, always meeting our gold standards. We will always listen, are approachable and matter-of-fact when it comes to the bottom line.


Our approach is constantly evolving with each passing day. Instead of ‘reinventing the wheel’, our ingenuity focuses on the small things that collectively add up to a significant difference. Our culture encourages people to be inventive and to be vocal about their ideas. The best solution today might be obselete tomorrow – our ever-advancing standards continually set the bar higher.

Certifications & accreditations

Don’t take a chance with generalists. Choose predictable success and the very highest standards with DACPros Smart Hands services.