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Why DACPros?

70% of all data centre downtime is caused by human error

This is why you need a hardware partner you can trust to not make these avoidable mistakes. At DACPros our field engineers receive detailed training in three key areas:

1. Technical

The technical skills needed to complete specific tasks.

2. Communication

Clear communications skills to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Management

Project management skills to develop and execute plans that work.

All our people are empowered to refine and enhance DACPros’ methodology and best practices. We share and learn from mistakes, helping to avoid future errors. Our approach to knowledge sharing is part of our two-fold commitment – to helping our people be the very best that they can, and to continually reduce downtime for our clients.

By minimising downtime, our clients gain significant performance and reputational advantages – and avoid the costs associated with downtime. By continually refining our processes DACPros is setting a new standard for hardware management in the data centre. Why risk partnering with a generalist that lacks our in-depth capabilities?

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