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Case study – You can have my employees, interested?

In every industry there is a high demand for IT professionals, particularly in the system administration field. These are the people who keep your server infrastructure alive, configuring and deploying new systems, performing troubleshooting, etc. Demand for skills has led

Case study – In-house vs. external staff in your data centre

No matter how well provisioned your IT equipment is for remote access and support, you will always need staff located physically onsite, or who could be there within the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) time.  These are technical people, carrying

Case study – Moving a live cluster to a new data centre

The Challenge To move a 7-rack installation to another site in the shortest time possible. Details: Distance: 20 miles Customer SLA: 5 days Cabling: Fibre Channel uplinks terminating in two DWDM, Copper interack Switches: 40 servers per switch Configuration and

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How to reduce staffing costs in data centre engineer roles

Hiring new staff is always a costly exercise.  According to the Center for American Progress, the average cost of hiring a new worker equates to 20% of their annual salary.  In some research they looked at, those costs went as

Our appearance reborn

We found a great partner to work with and help us recreate our overall look.   We are glad to announce that our new website is up and running. The whole concept was a rethink and rebuild to make it