What we offer

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Stop wasting your valuable IT consulting time!


As an IT specialist consultant your time is precious. Your time is money. So why are you still spending your valuable time visiting client sites to carry out physical work as part of an IT project?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could outsource all of those site visits, travel time and the physical labour, leaving you free to focus on growing your consulting business?

The team from Data Centre Professionals (DACPROS) is here for exactly that reason.

We understand you want to do the best for your clients and maybe you feel your presence on site is the best way to do that. But what’s best for your business? All the hours spent travelling or moving IT equipment for a client means your business is losing out.

By outsourcing all of the physical IT requirements to us you can free up your time to focus on generating new leads and scaling up your consultancy business, bringing in more work and bigger clients.

Which aspects of the IT projects can DACPROS take on?

  • Racking and stacking
  • Sourcing cabling and rack accessories for an organised and professional look
  • Dealing with miscellaneous logistical issues including sending/receiving equipment and rubbish handling
  • Working with the local site engineer to solve issues on your behalf
  • Carrying out basic OS install and setting up servers being available on the network
  • Replacing HDD, memories or even complete servers
  • Troubleshooting unreachable servers and network equipment
  • Providing remotely accessed console connection
  • Indoor fibre cabling and troubleshooting

Drop us an email today at sales@dd.dacpros.co.uk or call on 0330 088 1226 and we can arrange a chat to see how we can save your consultancy business time and money.