Why us

Everyone at Data Centre Professionals is dedicated to ensuring your computing equipment remains online and healthy at all times. Our staff have worked for some of the largest blue-chip companies and seeing a gap in the market built DACPros to address the skill gap for hardware specialist who is presentable and knowledgable to address all on-site issues.

Whether it’s a routine replacement, a system down requiring on-site console troubleshooting, to complete rack deployment, decommissioning or moving.

We have specialist moving and packing equipment along with the project management experience to handle jobs of all sizes.


Many of our customers provide IT services, which means their entire business relies 100% on availability. At DACPros we all understand that the customer’s digital services must be always be online. This is rule number one. Every plan, project, job, down to the smallest task must be carried out with this rule in mind. Availability is our number one priority.



Efficiency supports availability. We continuously develop and improve processes, tools and project management to gain greater efficiency. We always evaluate our customers’ data centre sites and find the fastest and most efficient ways to carry out projects or maintenance tasks. Our back-office team arranges all necessary administration with the data centre sites, so you do not have to worry about it.


All DACPros employees are trained professionals and deeply familiar with computing infrastructure and data centre site principles. This training, along with our best practices, allows us to mitigate risk when accessing and working on your equipment.





We focus on all aspects relating to data centres. We know, and have dealt with, all the challenges customers come up against and we know how to address them properly and we are proud of our proven track record in deployment, decommissioning and moving of data centre locations. Our team consists of experienced technicians, engineers and back-office staff to support all our operations.

Who benefits

Our highly-specialized experience means we can help with any data centre related task. We understand that there are specific cases when it is better to use a 3rd party specialist like DACPros for faster and smoother results. Based on the nature of the project, or the availability of your own team, in some cases, it’s even cheaper to outsource than employing your own in-house technical staff.

We add value without creating extra work for you. Based on pre-defined deliverables, we can manage entire projects without supervision.

Our in-house project managers will prepare the plan and organise all necessary elements on your behalf, regardless of project size. Even if that means starting small. Together, we’ll set the target date for project completion and after a thorough project briefing we take over to make your challenges ours to solve!


Not sure? Here are a couple of use-cases when using our service is definitely a better option:


Your DC space contains only a couple of cabinets. During deployment, you need a one-off larger project to be delivered efficiently, but there is little ongoing work. Regular maintenance is low, although from time-to-time you may need an engineer for hard drive replacement, remote hand, etc. The workload does not justify a full-time employee.


With a support agreement from DACPros we provide the appropriate manpower as and when you needed and do the work for you.


You have onsite technicians within a large site, but a huge deployment has hit their queue. Your team still has to focus on the daily maintenance otherwise your downtime percentage will increase, which affects your SLAs. The extra work could overload your staff or require much longer for your team to complete it. You can’t justify to permanently employ additional staff for this project.


Work with DACPros to deliver the one-off deployment project on your behalf and on time, regardless of its size. Our experience and equipment enables us to turn around one-off projects quickly and efficiently.


You regularly need to re-organise your hardware configurations, move equipment from one DC to another, or need to send equipment back to a central storage. However, workloads vary and your staff is often on standby or not being fully utilized, leading to inefficient use of staff time and an inconsistent work environment.


Work with DACPros to deliver the workload as and when you need it for a more efficient use of your time and budget. Reduce the need for permanent staff and associated admin around recruitment, people management, maintaining office space, training, etc.

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